Guide to Choosing the Best Artist Paint Brush Set

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Guide to Choosing the Best Artist Paint Brush Set


Are you a new budding artist trying to learn how to paint?


Are you passion about painting and want to turn that blank canvas into a masterpiece?


All you need is a magic wand, aka, a paintbrush that lets you magically weave beautiful colors across the canvas. Paint brushes are the most beloved tools of an artist as they let him / her create a wonderful world on canvas.

 For a new artist, it might not be easy to figure out which paint brush is right for you right especially when you're just starting out.  As you paint regularly, you become increasingly familiar with how brushes handle the paint and how they can help you accomplish your vision for the canvas. The more you paint, the more you learn to maneuver the paintbrush across the canvas.


Whether you are just starting out in acrylics, or watercolors, it can be overwhelming to find the right paintbrush at the art store, because there is a vast sea of artist paint brushes spread out in front of you. This article tells you everything you need to know about selecting the right paint brushes to suit your painting needs.


If you love to paint with acrylics, there are many different shapes and sizes of paint brushes available for you. The shape and size of the paint brush depends on how large a canvas you want to work, and how much detail you need to work with.


Below are a few things you should consider when choosing the right paint brush:


Size - If you are going for small to medium sized canvas, the rule of thumb is that the brush size should be small so that it can easily reach small areas and details. If you are looking to paint large areas, it is best to have big brushes.


Shape – Shape is very important as each shape delivers a different style of strokes, and a different effect. This is a skill you learn while working with all types of small brushes. Experimenting will help you find out which shape would give you the particular effect you're looking for.



Material – Always go for nylon paint brushes as they are best to lay on flat paint areas, whereas natural bristles give an uneven texture.


How to Choose a Good Paint Brush for Acrylic Painting


When buying paint brushes for acrylic painting, you can buy a  Professional Artist Paint Brush set that includes both stiff bristle brushes commonly used by oil painters and synthetic brushes, that are made for smooth watercolor painting.


Stiffer brushes tend to leave visible marks on your painting, and give more textural results, whereas, softer brushes give you smoother brushstrokes, and give more blending.


For oil painting you need paint brushes with thicker bristles so that they can easily move the dense and heavy paint around. For watercolor painting you need to have a softer brush since the medium is very fluid. For acrylic painting, it is best to have a paint brush that is not too soft nor too think, as acrylic paints are thicker than watercolors but softer than oils paints.



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