How To Find Inspiration and What To Paint?

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Inspiration For Painting:


Inspiration for Painting can come from several places. One thing as tiny as a reflection on a muddy puddle or as huge as full-on mountain scenery.

The biggest advantage concerning painting is that the more you paint the more you may find yourself inspired. You’ll begin to see the planet in new ways and nearly everything you see will cause you to consider how you'll be able to paint it. Of course, it works the opposite way as well. The less you paint the less you may be inspired and you will see fewer opportunities around you. 


One nice tip for you to try is to bring a sketchbook or notebook with you as you move about the world. Whether it is walking on the beach or going to the grocery store. If you see something jot it down. Do a quick sketch or take a photo with your phone. I have gotten inspiration from an old lady lifting her groceries into her cart. I asked if she needed help and she smiled intently like she hoped I would ask her. We got to talking and I mentioned that I do pencil sketches of people’s children. Wouldn’t you know it, she pulled out two photos and asked me to draw them for her. We exchanged info and I went home and got to work. The sketches when delivered had the whole family crying. I was really taken back. So, make certain you write those ideas down with enough detail therefore you recognize what you were thinking of for that painting or in my case drawing.


Stuck for Painting Ideas?


Let's Inspire You into Action


Suffering from Painter's Block?

Through perception of your everyday world, awaken your imagination.

Turn your exalting observations into new painting ideas.

Some of you out there are struggling for uplifting painting ideas. I even have now and then. There’s such a lot out there to inspire us to paint! Here are a number of my favorite exercises for you, to get you started flowing thos artistic juices.


How to find Inspiration for painting? You may feel stuck in a rut with a specific subject or vogue. Otherwise you could try experimenting, however you are not positive what direction to travel in. You may be stuck for subject matter; or unsure of what medium to use. Or, you may have fears to just start (or excuses!) can also be holding you back.


Hopefully the three exercises below can awaken your enthusiasm, not just for painting ideas; for life generally. I realize once i am lit up to paint; I am lit up regarding energy in life.


Depending on the sort of person you are, you may get excited by sensible or theoretical exercises. I tend to travel a lot; however, I do know a number of you will wish to take a lot of notes; build lists etc. like everything, take what's helpful to you, and discard the rest!


#1: What Lights you Up regarding Painting?


  1. Light?
  2. Colors?
  3. Composition?
  4. Process?

When one thing catches your attention, take a picture and take a look, analyzing what that "thing" is. Is it the trees swaying in the breeze? The pattern of a good weave? The shapes at intervals in the shadows of a tree? If you isolate what it's regarding the scene (and it should be one thing); you are well on your way to re-creating an incredible moment in time. Whether you are new to painting concepts or a seasoned pro. Trust your feeling and translate that within the painting of the image.


Take five minutes for yourself, today. Walk around outside (with a notebook, if you would like to require notes or sketch your thoughts). Move your eyes slowly around as you progress through your world. Moving slowly permits you to look at the world around you completely.


You should notice a minimum of one example (usually several) which will urge you into action. This action could also be, for now, recording a note or a couple of spirited flashes of color; or regarding the smell within the air, however you're feeling regarding the encircling environment; or the feel of the trail. These notes will then be developed, if you want, into a picture you'll connect with and be happy with.


Slow down your life - connect with your environment; and other people. This can permit you to fill your head with new painting concepts. Once you notice what  speaks to you or catches your attention; you'll emphasize it in your paintings.


#2: What's Your Style?


  1. The Photorealistic?
  2. The Abstract?
  3. The Expressionist?


This third exercise is taking you out of your comfort area. Somebody once said "To grow, you need to experience discomfort". This is true in art! Therefore during this exercise, experiment with a special vogue and/or medium. If you tend to sway towards a typical rendition of an image; strive instead a looser approach; an expressionist or abstract version. Or begin with a lot of texture on your canvas; build up some 3D layers.


Inspiration for Painting is an experiment with a replacement vogue - or no vogue - you never grasp what doors can open up for you; or what new painting concepts can come back. Never tried pastels? Give them a go. Continuously wished to draw? Work some sketch into your paintings. Petrified of watercolor? Give it a whirl anyway.


Or do not even paint, get all pre-school again and simply squish your fingers spherical in a very mass of color like clay! Poke it with a spatula, scratch it with a ball pen. Feel the color move.


Who says you have got to try and do a painting? Perhaps that marvelous self-indulgent expertise of simply pushing color around; is your painting.


#3: What are You Afraid Of?


  1. Making a Mistake?
  2. Other People Judging?
  3. Not being "good" Enough?


Let's get one issue straight here. Creating art is for you, and you alone. If others appreciate it, that is fantastic. Your fears are utterly useless. You’re solely human! I still have all of these fears. How do I get over these fears? Firstly, alcohol. (Just kidding, or am I?!!!) First of all, "happy accidents". Liberate yourself. Embrace your mistakes. You never know if a "mistake" becomes a masterpiece.


Have a go! This is not surgical process, nobody can die. Mistakes are fixable; or not because they are a masterpiece. At the end of the day, we have a tendency to be pushing colored matter around on cloth with a furry stick. If doubtful, paint over it. A lot of mistakes you create, can set the base for a masterpiece. Learn from them. Then keep moving forward never looking back. Having a solid talent base broadens your vary of painting concepts. Your talent should never level limit you.


The second issue that gets me through issues is my compulsion to color. I cannot control it at times. If this can be the case for you too, then embrace the mental disease, celebrate your distinction. It does not matter if you paint like Pollock or Rembrandt, there'll forever be individuals commenting on your work. Art is extremely subjective. The most important thing here is how you’re feeling concerning your work.


Challenge yourself. Take a picture of something you have created that you just weren't crazy about and show it to people for feedback. (Not family or friends). This can be alarming, I know! Face your fears and get the feedback anyway. It may be terribly scary to acknowledge your fears and face them – but this could take your paintings in a whole new direction. Take a photograph and place it on the web. Enter in art competition (especially if you have never done this). Hold an exhibition in your garage. How liberating! The concepts can flow!


There are also a number of very little tricks that I do to reinspire myself. These may fit for you too. I commit to close up my studio. Nine times out of ten I’ll realize a hidden project that got buried. Having a pleasant clean blank space somehow calls me to form.


Another trick, if you have got the area, is to line up 2 or 3 easels; every one with a special painting. One out of all them can eventually speak to you and you can drive inspiration from that.


There are only a few things that are more exciting to me than a giant stack of blank canvases, and a free space to chuck some paint around.



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