LED Light Stencil Board

  • $19.07

Sweet And Rosy

  • Step-less with custom dimming to meet your various requirements.
  • Tracing surface is made of glass and is light with energy efficient LED lighting.
  • LED light stencil board comes with multiple super bright LED lamps which can see through very thick paper.
  • With a compact and elegant design, Our LED Light Box is considered to be the thinnest light board on the market at 4mm thick.
  • Specially formatted acrylic surface, makes it feel like a glass panel but much stronger and safer than glass.
  • Eyesight-protected Technology is designed into the board, making it safe and perfect for sketching, drawing,animation making,calligraphy and tattoo tracing. 
  • Material: LED panel
  • Color: white
  • Size: 333*215*4mm
  • Package Size: 370*240*35mm
  • Power Supply: USB Cable 

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