About Us

Art Fights Depression and Anxiety

     Nouveau Artiste was formed to spread awareness across the globe of the benefits of the arts in fighting depression and anxiety. Art therapy or healing through art was successful for my family and may have saved a life. One of our family members suffered from severe depression as well as suffering a nervous breakdown. As you could imagine, this was a change that affected the entire family. We realized there was a new norm as our family now had to be aware and conscious of the struggle on a daily basis.

     We found that drawing, painting, and puzzles eased the strain of depression. The creativity and stress relief allowed us to connect as a family and work together on healing one painting or drawing at a time. As I read the news about depression and unfortunately suicide due to depression I have always wondered if the application of art and creativity could have saved a life. It certainly worked in our situation and we have healed. Although it will never be the same we no longer need to be concerned as long as art is part of our life.

     The idea of using creative therapy to help express inner thoughts goes back quite some time, but it only became a recognized type of therapy in the United States about 50 years ago. In 1969, the American Art Therapy Association was established. Today, creative art therapists are trained in both art and therapy.

     If we can help even one family through the healing power of art then we would call Nouveau Artiste a success. Even if you have never tried or attempted art before Nouveau Artiste products and tips can get you started. Give it a try, just like we did, and heal through the power of creativity.