30pcs Sketch Charcoal Pencil Eraser Set with Pouch for Sketching

  • $32.99

Sweet And Rosy

This is a 30pcs sketching set which including sketch pencils, charcoal pencils, eraser, knife etc. A very complete necessary sketch pen set, suitable for art lovers to painting. It is also good for cultivate children's interesting in art.
- Color: As shown in pictures.
- Size: 48 * 20.5cm.
- Random Pattern, the sketch pencil will be deliverred to you randomly for its pattern.
- Package includes :1 x HB, 2 x 2H, 1 x B, 4 x 2B, 2 x 3B, 4 x 4B, 1 x 5B, 1 x 6B, 1 x 7B, 1 x 8B, 3 x carbonized pencil (soft, neutral, hard each one), 3 x paper erasable pen, 1 x four color lead, 1 x pencil extender, 1 x steel knife, 1 x plastic rubber, 1 x 4B professional art eraser, 1 x pen pencil canvas curtain.