Castle Art Supplies Acrylic Paint Set for Beginners, Students or Artists, 12 ml Tube, Set of 24 Vivid Unique Colors

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Brand: Castle Art Supplies


  • BEAUTIFUL SMOOTH PAINT FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS - This acrylic paint set from Castle Art Supplies gives beginners and seasoned artists alike the versatility to work equally well on paper, canvas, wood and even fabric. Our easy-glide formulation means your paint will go on smooth and create the satiny finish you're looking for in an acrylic.
  • 24 SPECIALLY SELECTED VIBRANT COLORS - Handpicked by artists to give you the finest color collection, this set of 24 x 12ml tubes provides the ultimate flexibility for your artistic creations. We've brought together colors that open up a variety of possibilities for beginners without the need for mixing and will also blend well in the hands of a more experienced artist.
  • FROM PALETTE TO CANVAS WITHOUT DRYING OUT - Some acrylic paints actually dry before you're finished touching up; Castle Art's Acrylic Paint has been formulated to achieve superior coverage while maintaining the flexibility you need.
  • CERTIFIED FOR QUALITY AND BALANCE - Our acrylic paint kits are ASTM D-4236 and (CE) certified; they're water based and non-toxic. Because we properly package our paints and ship them to you in strong aluminium tubes, you can be assured that you're getting the same well-balanced, fresh paint every time - no drying or cracking.
  • ORDER THIS VERSATILE SET NOW complete with peace of mind thanks to our "Better Than Money Back" Guarantee! If there's any kind of problem with your paint, we'll promptly refund your full purchase price; no need to go through the hassle of sending the paint back to us.

Publisher: Castle Art Supplies


Are you a beginner just starting to dabble with acrylic paint, but you want to make sure you work with something capable of capturing your ideas? Maybe you know your way around acrylics and you're just trying to expand your horizons and play with other mediums and combinations with a quality paint that won't cost a fortune?

No matter your experience, we designed this acrylic paint set to be your go-to selection.


We realize that when you're a beginner, you're probably trying out a variety of mediums from wood to paper to canvas to fabric, to figure out what gives you the best feel. Our paint will give you equally fantastic results on all four substrates, which is why many more advanced artists turn to Castle when they want to do a little experimenting as well.


Too thick and you'll lose your rhythm when the paint doesn't go on smoothly; too thin and it'll be dry before you're ready. We've found the happy medium that works for artists at all levels.


Our 12 piece set contains: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Vermilion, Crimson Red, Viridian, Raw Umber, Cobalt Blue, Burnt Sienna, Lamp Black, Ultramarine Blue, and Hooker's Green.

Our 24 piece set adds: Flesh Tint, Medium Yellow, Orange, Scarlet, Emerald Green, Sap Green, Cerulean Blue, Phthalo Blue, Violet, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, and Grey.

Can't find the perfect shade? You'll find that these blend remarkably well meaning endless color possibilities.


All our acrylic paints are formulated to comply with the ASTM D-4236 standard; they're water based and non-toxic. We ship them to you in aluminium tubes to guarantee maximum freshness.


If you're not satisfied with your purchase in any way, just let us know, and we'll provide you a full refund - you keep the paint.

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Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.9 x 1.0 inches